Benefits of an Asian Grocery Store

benefits of an Asian grocery

When it comes to budgeting, Asian groceries are a great choice for foodies on a tight budget. These stores offer a wide variety of unique foods, often at lower prices than mainstream grocery stores. These stores can make a big difference in your monthly budget. In addition, they often feature open-air markets where you can browse for a variety of unique products. Read on to discover some of the benefits of shopping at an Asian grocery store.

Asia’s booming grocery sector

The booming grocery sector in Asia continues to draw investors, with several companies buying stakes in online rivals. Hypermart, for example, became the first Indonesian supermarket to go online in 2011, offering grocery delivery and online-to-offline “click and collect” services. Other players have created their own shopping apps, including SuperIndo, LotteMart, and Ranch Market Group. TaniHub raised $69.5 million in its recent funding round.

Popular Asian produce

When shopping for food, try to find items that aren’t widely available, like exotic fruit and vegetables. Asian markets have many fragrant herbs. Many produce items are cheap, too, including lychees, mangoes, and persimmons. Try Korean pears and Chinese kale, which are similar to cauliflower and broccoli. Fresh rice noodles are also often found in Asian grocery stores, and you can use them in soups or pho broth.

Variety of products

The variety of products at an Asian grocery store can be quite impressive. There are many different kinds of fish and produce to choose from. Some are not available at all markets, so you may have to use your imagination to find what you want. However, you can find some great bargains. For example, the canned fruits and vegetables are accompanied by photos that let you know what is inside. You can also purchase Asian-style rice, known as Thai black rice. If you prefer sticky rice, you can get a tasty alternative in Thai black rice, which is also known as purple sticky rice.

Open-air marketplaces

Open-air markets have multiple benefits. They are environmentally friendly and allow retailers to generate more revenue during times of disasters. Unlike traditional supermarkets, open-air markets are less energy-intensive than enclosed ones, reducing power costs and creating a more welcoming and safe shopping environment. Open-air markets also encourage more diverse vendors and improve visibility, which is important for increasing sales and foot traffic. Open-air markets also provide an attractive backdrop for family outings.

European brands

As the US and China trade war drag down consumer spending in the region, European brands are finding it harder to maintain their presence in Asian grocery markets. As a result, retailers like Carrefour and Metro are considering the sale of their Asian operations. Even British and French brands, such as Marks & Spencer Group, are looking to move away from Asia. They are exiting the Chinese market and will be leaving the market in Malaysia and Thailand.